Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nicotine stains have nothing to do with this post.

Wow. It's been a while since I updated here.

Well, for starters, I've finished my internship program at Krakatua. Twas a good experience overall, made some quirky friends who curse a lot, so yeah, you can just guess if my cursing habits have decreased or increased.

So, I have unofficially graduated from my Advertising degree. Well, good riddance, I say. I shall miss my studying days.

And if you ask me what am I currently doing with my life? I am working. Yes, I am. I made up my mind, and finally accepted a job as a Junior Copywriter in an advertising agency. I'm in my second week, and the people here are superb! Not a Malay-dominated agency, mind you.

As for my personal life, I've nothing to update. HAHA. I'm still in a rut, I have no friends to hang out with, (not entirely true, but you get my drift). I work late almost everyday, so I'm pretty much beat when I get home, and on weekends, I run errands and sleep. Basically, that's pretty much it.

OHHHHH. I LOST WEIGHTTTTTT. I'm at my ideal weight, I'm not going to disclose the details here, but let's just say I have more confidence now, and my ego? Well, its practically my best friend now. I'm so much stronger, I kid you not.

Other than that? Na-da.

Will update when I have random thoughts and stuff like that. *Refrains myself from using the word with the synonym of poop here*

I'm getting boring by day. Pffffft. *rolls eyes*