Tuesday, December 29, 2009

with luck

mcmana nak GPA 3.6 and ptptn jadi scholarship, kalau kerja asyik nak tido je hannah? you're very very close to getting into the Dean's List this sem, how many times have that happened? too many times to ignore. come on, hannah. find back your thoughts and let's ace next semester!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Apple Danish sekalian, mari mulakan aktiviti ini semula!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Durian, Photography and Bazaars

Baru lepas tengok gambar-gambar recently-acquainted photographers, and frankly speaking, sangat merindui baby slr yang missing. ;( Insya'Allah, mid of next year will get a new one.

Oh ya, Ego is such a drama queen, and I can't wait for Conscious to finish her exams, next up; BAZAARS!

Saya ketagih dengan Durian Grade A. ;)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Shampoo!

Another freelance promoter job happened on 12th and 13th December. We were auditioned to be the promoters, boy,were they choosy! But luckily, Ego and I survived the auditions and was hired.

Event : Clear Shampoo's Futsal Challenge.
Location : Pavillion K.L
Date : 12th and 13th December

Working there was fun. Got a few other job offers, bumped into a few familiar faces, had chats with old crushes. And, met some weird people as well. For instance;

Weird #1

Guy : Hi, I just wanted to know, what's your zodiac?
Ego : Erm, Leo?
Guy: Oh, Okay, and yours?
Me : Errrrr, Virgo?
Guy : Oh, Okay, Is this the semi-s or quarters?

*TIBA TIBA CAKAP PASAL BOLA. -________________________-"

Weird #2

Ego and I was on our way, headed towards Chen's newly pimped out car.

I felt a tap on my arm, and was all 'sapa-pulak-pggil-aku-ni,kishi-kat-tepi-ni-haaa', so I turned and found a rather small sized guy, or should I say boy, cause I'm not sure of the age looking up at me....and said....

Boy/Guy : Hi, you nak balik dah ke?
Me : Errr, *cue muka pelik gila here* yea..
Boy/Guy : I mean you nak balik terus ke?
Me : Errrrr, yea..I guess so...Kenapa eh?
Boy/Guy : Oh, takde, I dtg sorg, I igt kalau u tak balik lg, I nak ajak you tengok wayang...
Me : Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Dah nak balik dah, thanks anyway. *smiles and walks away, tahan gelak*


Two occurences that I can remember for now, as for the rest, I'll upload as soon as I recall. With pictures, too!

Friday, December 11, 2009





I'm scared.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



My shoulders, arms and thighs are sore like I've been in a marathon for 250kms, carrying along 2kilo dumbbells.

5th and 6th December-
Worked for two loooong days as promoters, thanks to the job, I am now 'tanned'. Errrr. 'Burnt' is the appropriate term, I think. I have eye bags like I've been carrying around 300 pounds of luggage under it. But 300 bucks is worth it after working for 26 hours on weekends, and a festival, with A LOT of uncivilized people. Trust me, you don't know even a bit of how the people were behaving.
Life's a game and it's not fair.

About this 'promoter' job, Ego and I worked for 2 days, at the Jom Heboh Festival, organised by TV3.

I stole this picture from Conscious, so mind the "cute" comment embedded on the picture, ya?

We were told that its a 10-10 job, but when we got there, boy we were duped. We worked for 13 hours, in the sun, and also in the rain, not drizzle-type, well, you get the point.

Day 1 - We were asked to hold 5 paper bags, each, and 'promote'. The paper bags were heavy, mind you, 5 products, and the strings of the paper bags didn't help much, either. Both of us clicked with 3 other promoters instantly. Helena, Amy and Nini. Helena was the one who gave us the job. This is also the day I suffered a major migraine, but I still had to work. Ego was being all dramatic with her line "I'm dying.....your friend is dying.....iIm literally dyiiiingg...". Day 1 ended wiht both of us feeling like jellyfishes and our skin color drastic change. You might even mistake us from one in another race. Okay, I'm exaggarating.

Day 2 - We were told today, we are allowed to cary around 3 bags each, thank you, finally. This was the day we found out that both Amy and Nini's boyfriends were working on our team, as the crew. I bonded with a few other people, like Elfy and this other guy-yang-aku-tak-sempat-tanya-nama-tapi-he-saw-me-betulkan-my-bra. Hahaha! Elfy's cute, but when I told that to B, he said, 'you betul ke? sampah kot, hahaha!' and his younger borther overheard, and even looked at me weird. He IS cute okay. Even Ego said so. Helena, Amy and Nini turn out the be the awesome-est people you could ask for when working. Kutuk boleh, tipu boleh, ponteng boleh, borak pun boleh. Sumpah tak tipu, diorang best. I'm going to miss working with those guys again.

Oh, I forgot to mention that B visited me both days. :) Day 1 with Tasnim, and Day 2 with his parents, which I ran and hid behind the booth and didn't come out for 10 minutes. haha!

The job was awesome overall, superbly tiring, but awesome nonetheless.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"If I tell you I love you,
Can I keep you forever?"


The kinds of moments that you wish would happen to you, don't you think?

9 months old, and still going. :)