Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Menguji Kesabaran

Banyak betul benda jadi hari ni.
Dah puas aku nangis tak berlagu.


Tulis tu pun dah agak lega.
Terima Kasih.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Kembali ke realiti. T_T

I just got back from my Johor-Singapore-Johor trip. Tiring, but sure as hell fun.
I bought a few hot-diggity-cool (omg, i am so lame) tshirts, and loads of candy. :D

Went to my first-cousin's wedding, and my aunt asked me this very stupid question.
"when is your turn?"
Adoi. Aku 20 pun belum. Sijil pun takde. Nak kawen dah? -_____-"
When I was at the wedding, it made me think of my own wedding.
I want it to be in front of my house. With 5 canopies. Baru meriah kan, saudara sume datang. :D
But the one thing I can't imagine is, me, sitting on the pelamin. Adoi.
Gila malu. Hahaha. Mane tau jalan-jalan dengan heels, jatuh tersembam. Wakakakaka

But still,
it made me forget I have college stuff, problems of my own, and the fact I still had some stuff that hasn't been sought over with Yen.

I know it's been two weeks since I last saw him, but the first week was hard. I missed him so much.
Come the second week, I was okay. I realized that I wasn't missing him. At all. Imagine. For some people who knows me, that would be the IMPOSSIBLE.

But it's the truth.
He made me feel like I don't have to miss him.
Like I am not in a relationship.
Like no one cares for me anymore.

But when I get home, everything changed. I cry, cry and cry.
Realising the fact that he treats me like shit nowadays.
He doesn't even say I Love You back.

Is this for real?
Is he getting tired of me.


ok, aku makin pathetic.
serabutkan kepala dgn masalah cinta, pikirkan pasak kawin.
sangat bodoh.
Hannah, bangun la.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh, Bollocks, just bollocks.

It's only Tuesday, 10.17 am and I'm in the library, yet again.

Here's a go.

I woke up yesterday with a bruised eye, and decided to skip class. Lucky for me, the lecturer went all crazy with some students that still didn't grasp the concept of Motion Tweening.

Spent the day in the library and the room. The thought of me jogging crossed my mind. It just crossed and nothing else. I was in no mood to jog, what more get out of the room.

Went for a dinner discussion at the Cafe near block P. Damn far wey. Bukan nak datang ambik aku ke kan. Takpe. Bagi je aku jalan sorang-sorang, malam-malan macamtu. Semata-mata nak jumpa talent. ~__~

Ideas poured in for our short film this morning. Brilliant ones. At least I hope the rest would like it as much as I do.

Hari ini, penat-penat aku bersemangat nak pegi kelas, selepas beberapa minggu tak pegi class Madam Hajar, aku samapi ke kelas lambat, and classmate aku semua cakap class cancel.

Oh, how I was SO pissed. Penat weh berkejaran ke kelas.

My left eyes are still swollen. Damn. This weeks is just bollocks I tell you.

Walaupun baru hari Selasa.

Going back on Friday morning. Weeeee.

Ya Allah yang Maha Penyayang,
Kembalikanlah kekuatan pada diriku,
Kuatkanlah kepercayaanku terhadap kebolehanku,
Aku memohon segala kekuatan iman dalam diriku diperkukuhkan.

Monday, August 4, 2008


faith is at loss.
faith in myself.
I need guidance, I admit.