Friday, October 24, 2008

Hannah : A Soul Not Worth of Love.

  • How do you feel when somebody forbids you to do something, but that certain somebody does it?

Well, let me tell you. It feels like crap.

  • How do you feel when you know that a certain somebody went out with someone else, and wishes things that you can't even think of?

Let me tell you again, it feels like shite.

  • Now, how do you feel when you have no one to depend on anymore?

Again, crap.

  • Next, how do you feel when the one you trust the most finally made you lost the trust? And blames YOU for it?


  • Oh Hey, how do you feel when you've just been lied straight to your face?


  • And last, how do you feel when you know that you;ve been used for entertainment purposes?

Thank you, you've officially read the story of my life.

Faceboook : A "No Getaway" Portal.

Okay, I have a confession to make. For these past few days, I've been hating on probably everybody. I mean it. I have no idea why, but it just occured to me that pretty much, everybody is annoying, in their own way. I know I should be grateful for the friends I have, but how can I be close to them if what they do is talk about themselves all the time?

I know I should stop here.

Moving on, I miss my Raja Shafril Izreen more than ever this week. It has been a rough week, and I admit, I've been harsh on him as well. Its just that I need him to be with me, this week is critical, wwith all my assignments all gone down to the drain, my group has the ego of a lion. I needed somebody to talk to.

But...there was nobody there for me.

Well, I lived through the week, at least. Now, I still am living with the fact that both my parents have FB accounts! My not-so-normal growing up life is definitely going to be freaky from now on. -____-"

Dah tak tahu nak tulis apa. so, before I get crappier, let's just stop.
I'll write again when I know what to write.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Multimedia : Repeating Subject Probability

Maybe aku repeat subejct mutimedia. :(

dia sendiri ckp aaa.
mati aku.

CG aku macamane?


Presentation in 10

Group Work:

  1. Entrepreneurship (Business Plan - Ice Cream)
  2. Event Management (Event Proposal - Annual Dinner)
  3. Multimedia & Production (Website Design Proposal - Faculty of Communication and Media Studies)
  4. Communication Research (Impact of Advertisements on Housewives)
  5. Audio & Visual Production (Short Film Premiere - Chopsticks)
  6. Marketing (Marketing Plan - Papaya Soap)

Individual Work:

  1. Multimedia & Production (Banner Design for Internet)
  2. Communication Research (Proposal for Research - Internet Bullying)
  3. Audio & Visual Production (Radio and TV Script, NewsCasting)

Oh, how I wish I won't fail any of these assignments..

In 10 minutes time, my multimedia website project will be presented in front of the whole class. and our project is currently having some problems. It has a mind of its own. Damn. We have been pinalised for being late on our presentation, but we managed to get a later presentation, eventhough our marks had alredy been deducted for our mishap.

Geez. I'll let you know the results soon.

This multimedia lecturer is the shiznit. Dia suka marah-marah, caci, maki hamun kitorang. Macam kitorang ni worthless. I hope our website sempat siap in time.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Worst Blog Entry Ever.

Aku dah cakap dah. Flash aku mesti kena caci macam hanjing.


Aku buat yang terbaik (kononnya) untuk Miss Mayudia. Tapi, siapalah aku, cuma student yang tak reti main design kan. -_-"

Hari tu masa dia kritik ok pulak. Suruh buat button je. Now tetibe colour aku clash.
Keling pun ade gak. Tapi aku terima je. Asalkan kerja aku dah settle, aku happy. ^_^

Lagi 5 presentation minggu depan.
Ade 1 minggu ni.

Banyak kan?
Muka aku da macam nampak hantu.

Pendrive aku bersepah, locker tak yah cakap lah kan.
Mcm kena landa ribut.

Aku tunngu 2 minggu ni habis.
Ternanti-nanti tarikh 25 Oct.
Cuti wehh.

Doakan aku selamat sem ni. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Days go by and still I think the world is in a slow-mo mode.

I left writing in here so that I can finally finish my flash project. And let me tell you one thing about it. Crap.

Honestly, I don't even know how I got that crappy. Maybe its all because of all the kuih raya.

A few days before raya, I had plenty of fun with sme of Stuck. And the fun is the most sincere one I've had in years with them. :)

Nanti buat gath lagi eeehhhh. Pleasseee.

I love you people.
This goes out to Mai, Zahirah, Kishi, Athirah, Anith and Mel. Syefa
(Eventho Syefa is not in Stuck)