Thursday, February 25, 2010


This post is totally unrelated to me. This is what my friend in College has been telling me about, and it somehow stuck me and inspired me to write this.

I've always thought that people should not judge other people just by the way they carry themselves, but these previous weeks, it made me realize that I have been witnessing these judgments right in front of me. Why didn't I notice it earlier? Why should I even bother?

Maybe I shouldn't be bothered, maybe I shouldn't give shit. But I do, it disturbs me so much, that it puts so many possibilities on my plate. Come on, just because someone is not pretty enough, not smart enough and doesn't have a winning smile and truckload of fancy clothes, doesn't mean they are not worthy of being acknowledged?

Silly, silly me. Maybe I'm too caught up with my workload that I over-think about this, maybe its not such a big deal after all? But just please, after you've said some mean things to me, you won't do what I did right? Cause that's just down right hypocrisy.

I might be overboard when I say this, but I hate the fact that I go to a college that is full of my own race. It's definitely depressing, and in someway or another, I think they're too typical.

Help yourselves and curse me for what I wrote, but I know this is happening anywhere.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go Die


I know your parents have got your back, and you have the world backing you up.

and I am just another pushover that you like to spit on.

Thanks Bitch, you make me feel so appreciated.

I wanna go away. For. Ever.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mind my french

When I'm trying to be reliable,



Fuck. I don't fucking need this right fucking now.

Just When, Just Because

Just when I think everything is going to be okay, I have nightmares.
Just when I think that I'm getting mature, I was shot down by other people.
Just when I think that I am ready to work, I overslept.

Just when I say I would do it, I got lazy.
Just when I dyed my hair, it goes haywire.
Just when I finally feel confident, somebody says I'm fat.
Just when I got tired of having people push me over, people suddenly acts nice.

Just because I'm not perfect, doesn't give you the right to hate me.
Just because I'm nice, doesn't give you the right to be mean to me.
Just because I'm slow at times, doesn't mean you can call me stupid.
Just because I'm in love, doesn't mean you can say I ignore you.

Just because I say I'm OK, it doesn't really mean that I am.

I maybe stupid, I maybe in love, I maybe imperfect, but I am me.
and I am contempt with that.

Monday, February 15, 2010


It's been a while since I blogged. Bla bla bla, busy with class and shit like that.

Just when you think things would go easy, you suddenly wake up and find yourself to be on a roller-coaster ride.

That's how I feel lately. Okay, I'm not going to be all emo here and now. I've written a few more fictions posts, but I can't find the scraps of paper that I've written it on, Lame, I know. I'll try and upload soon, promise. (I'm saying this as if I have tons of readers, Ha. Ha.)

Sayang ;
Just know what my day won't start the way I want it to if I don't get to stare in your eyes. :)
I love you like crazy.

Oh, this 28th will be my 1st anniversary with Boyot. :) Am loving every moment with him, though there are some annoying moments, but I'd want nothing more. Yes people, I am in LUUUURRRVVEEEE. *hihihihihiihihhi

@ngELsZzZz ;
You guys are my everything, man. My tears, my laughter, and my crime partners. Though we have our Bimbo moments, I still love you guys to the core. :)

Will update when I have something REAL to post.