Friday, July 31, 2009

Punching Bag, again.







you make my day brighter by just saying hello.
suara sedap en.

thank you, kambing. :)


weaving through subang jaya traffic on WPS 9601.
the wind blowing her black leather jacket, making her feel as if she's the queen of the road.

eyes squinting, she hugged her rider tight. his warm body feel as comforting as ever.

if the time would stop, this was the perfect moment. she felt as if all her trouble was blown away by the impact of the scooter that was cruising fast.

she didn't want to have a destination, she wanted the moment, the elecrticity she felt right then. it gave her shivers, a chill through her body.

her fingers danced to the vibrations of the speed. her stomach did backflips, and her lips carved a seductive smile.

she wanted him, her rider, her love of her life to be with her always.

they arrived at a hilltop, overviewing Bangsar, and he laid out a checkered picnic blanket. he took out a bottle of bubbly and a scrumptious-looking buffet that he made from scratch.

*mmmm* she mumbles. this is perfect. from afar, they could see skyscrapers blinking, motorcars whizzing by, and she got lost in her thoughts.

an embrace from her back woke her up from her thoughts. she smiled a heart-melting smile, and turned around to face her soulmate.

he swept her off her feet, carrying her to the blanket and laid her down. they conversed, their eyes full of sparkle. it was dessert already, oh how time flies by. he said he has a surprise. he opened a container with tiramisu in it. she gasped.

she was instantly brought back to her favourite accident, the day they first met.

Secret Recipe Taipan. They fought over who should have the last piece of Tiramisu on display. He gave in, she went home smiling. They met up frequently then, just as coffee buddies, but it is undeniable chemistry that they had. They went out from SR that day, two weeks after their first encounter, holding hands.

Any way to make her pleased, her lover learned how to bake her Tiramisu. and tonight, he surprised her. as they were enjoying their sweet dessert, something in her mouth made her heart stopped beating.

she took out that piece of distraction, stared at it, and cried.

he bent down on one knee, and said "will you do me the honour of being my wife?" he smiled, and kissed her on the forehead.

she was speechless, nodded her head profusely. "yes, yes, and a million times yes" tears stream down her flushed cheeks.

they got lost in each other's embrace, and the rest, was history.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

At loss for words.

Currently am using the father's laptop, since brother is using mine. Feel like writing, but there are no sane words that are forming in my brain. UiTM is closed for a week, due to H1N1 situation, and I heard rumors that our Aidilfitri holidays will only be for 4 days. Blagh. Told you this is going to suck.

It's only Sunday and I've run out of things to do. Probably I should slot in some jogging time here.
The boyfriend is not going to be around for another 3 weeks. Boo-hoo. My friends are scattered, some are grounded, and some are busy. I am left alone. Again, boo-hoo.

Classes has been hectic and boring, but it was fun in the sense of I get to hang out with my friends, lepak at countless mamaks. And have bottomless refills of Teh-O-Ais. But I miss Melaka more, though. Shah Alam is a bore. And when I start to think that, Subang Jaya also puts me off.

I have no idea where I like anymore. Or maybe Subang would be more fun if I had Sharawy. :(
I'd love for him to be here right now.

God, I'm starting to crap. Taa.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

going crazy


i am going mad for these sudden assignments and presentations.

oh, and i love my lecturer who says "ok" 121 times in 25 minutes.
yes, i counted.
and every now and then, he says 'correct me or not?'

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Part 1.

If you think this is worth continuing, let me know. I'll try to extend this. :)
It's totally fiction, and I'm new at this.

As she stared into the gray slab in front of her, her knees dropped, hot tears came flooding her blushing cheeks. Her fondest memories flew passed her eyes, making her moan even louder. She could not stand the thoughts, but there was no way of stopping it. She cried, until there was nothing to cry about. Her dreams died when he died, she thought to herself. She lets out a helpless sigh.

She remembered the first time they met, smoky room, loud rock music in the air. His eyes met hers, instant goose bumps. Right there, she knew he was the one to be with. He smiled, she melted. No conversation was needed; it's the chemistry that they felt. No goodbyes were bid, but both of them knew they would meet up again, somehow.

She saw flashbacks of herself, going to concerts, emceeing and singing. Then she stopped at a familiar face in the crowd. She beams a smile, and managed to rock out her performance like a born superstar would. His presence meant that she would be able to feel the chemistry she felt 3 weeks ago. She trotted down the stairs, and waited for him to catch her eyes. She waited for a solid 7 minutes, but he didn’t even look her way, disappointed, she looked away and started to leave the hall. As she was walking out, she felt a tap on her shoulder, one that felt very electrifying, could it be? She thought to herself. She turned around; there he was, with a winning smile that made her knees felt weaker than ever.



my previous post was totally fiction.

don't worry, I'm A-OK.
Feeling on top of the world, and being totally random? :)

Monday, July 13, 2009


So there he sat, in an unfurnished room.
He took out his black zippo, lit the cigarette hanging by his lips.

He lets out a smoky sigh, and continues to swim in his deep thoughts.
He swam, but at times, he drowned. He frowned upon the depressing pictures in his head.

Another cloud of smoke was exhaled.
The girlfriend entered the room.
"Baby, I'm worried, are you okay? I love you, just wanted to let you know that."

But all that came out of his mouth was..
"Fuck off"

Ouch. Ignorance is tough.


Lo and behold, my latest news: (omg, I am so lame)
I got into RMIT.

Dreams do come true, I guess?
After the interview with Mr. Peter Sorenson,
the submitted application,
along with my portfolio,
my writings (I even included both my blog addresses)
and my photography, I got in.

A shocker, ain'nit?
Alhamdulillah is all I can say.

It's just that, now I'm not so sure if I want to go.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jadual Waktu


Classes has started.
Here's my schedule *tears a little*

Monday - 8.30-10.20 French
10.30-12.20 Communication Research and Methods
2.10-5.00 Elective Course

Tuesday - 10.30-12.20 Consumer Behaviour
2.10-4.00 Advertising Copywriting
6.10-9.00 Management

Wednesday - 8.30-10.20 Marketing Research
10.30-12.20 Ethnic Relations

Thursday - 8.30-10.20 Communication Research and Methods (Tutorial)
2.10-4.00 Advertising Copywriting
4.10-6.00 Consumer Behaviours

Friday - 10.30-12.20 Ethnic Relations
5.10-7.00 Marketing Research

I have 9 subjects in total this semester, if I can, I'll try to excel, but at the moment being, I am feeling very depressed about the schedule. Sangat packed kan? :(

Friday, July 3, 2009


So, here I am,
Sitting in this enormous green field,
The stars as my companion,
The moon as my chaperon.

Fearful thoughts of people leaving,
Intimate memories that kept me believing.

The dark sky lights stars that makes me shiver,
The tears that I've been holding in is making me quiver.

A figure appeared behind the dark shady trees,
Treading the shallow puddle of waters beneath it.
A smile was visible.

The figure seem to hold out its hands,
She lifted her eyebrows in surprise.
Without knowing who it was,
She ran towards the figures,
Tears dropped as she ran.

Through her mind,
Her thoughts cleared up.

She hugged the mysterious man,
and said "I Love You, Dad."
"Thanks for being here for me when I needed you the most."

Wrote this on Father's Day.
I Love You, Abah.
Thanks for all the support, I'll try to be the best daughter I can.


He is my husband. We have a house together.


"You are the air traffic control to my aircraft.

You’re always ready help me off the ground..

.. and though I may not hear from you while I’m in the air..

.. you’re right there with me when I need to land."

-Gabe Bondoc

Isn't he the sweetest? I want my boyfriend now. :(