Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back and Forth

I am out of breath. I thought this semester was going to be different, but the workload proved me wrong. My notebook got held up, for those who knows about my case, shush. For those who don't just leave it at that. I am dying to do something about my hair, because it's fucking bothering me. My semester is almost up, so, I shall wait till then. Pink highlights anyone? (I know, I know, lame, but I'm not gonna be in UiTM anymore, kan?)

The sooner I get over this weekend, the less burden I have to deal with. Final test on Saturday, PreGraduates Lunch on Sunday, Final exams on the 21st.

It struck me last two nights, that I might be in a more serious relationship than I realised. Though I have not healed fully, but, maybe its time for me to stop fooling around and get serious. DOn't you think?

I definitely need a holiday awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay from civilization, but not the internet. ;)

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