Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blush-Cheeked Girl

Every beat of my heart scream of your name,
Every trickle of sweat is caused by your superiority.
I blush my cheeks, to hide my shame.
I wish I was yours for an eternity.

I watched you walk past me everyday,
With no sign of interest, I see you walk away,
Your ignorance triggers my curiosity,
So then, I decided to stalk you anonymously.

One day I saw you light your red Marlboro,
With what I see, a frown upon your face.
Right then I knew my feelings for you would grow,
So I walked away with a quick pace.

You would go missing for weeks,
There were no longer of my burning cheeks.
But when you were back in action,
My mind would work overtime in math and fractions.

I finally plucked my courage to say Hello.
Your reply was short and mellow.
I was excited, but disappointed, nonetheless.
So I figured, I would stop being obsessed.

24 hours passed by,
You walked my way and greeted a cheery Hi.
I smiled and left,
Thinking If I should have...

You followed me to my class door,
Opened the door, like a gentleman, for ever more.
You continued to woo the Blush Cheeked Girl,
Until you gave her life a whirl.

Her love was finally spoken for,
It is you and me, forever and more.

Totally fictitious.
I want my fairy-tales to come true so bad, its depressing.

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