Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Screw Me

So much for a drama-free life.

I have been slaving away since the start of exams, and nobody seems to notice that, they just give out more orders. And since the holidays started, and an uneventful occurrence happened, my life took a drastic turn. I am now the ultimate slave, so please, go ahead and wipe your snot on my hair.

The life and times of an ultimate slave is inclusive of being screamed at, being nagged at, being the punching bag. An ultimate slave does anything and everything to ease down anger or sadness. The job description does not end there, my fellow friends. An ultimate slave has to do the laundry, dishes, pets, cleaning, the stuff a maid does daily. Why the hell am I working as an ultimate slave, you ask me?

Because I don't have the privilege of saying 'NO'. Yes, that's right, I am allowed to only say yes, nod my head and agree. No matter how painful, stupid or fucked up the situation might be. I am only left to my thoughts from midnight till dawn. At dawn, my ego disappears and I resume to my superbly wonderful job.

Most of you would have draggy jobs, I assume. And most of you have the privilege of waking to a relaxing atmosphere. But I, have obligations, that I can't refuse. Sad, it is. But nothing takes the cake but being an ultimate slave without no-one to talk to. Thus, this ultimate slave, who happens to be tech-savvy, turns to her blog, instead.

This ultimate slave is going to be here for a long, long, loooooong time. So, if you need yourself a handy helper? Contact me here : 1800-I-AM-FUCKED-UP. If the line appears busy, you can mail the ultimate slave at screwover@lifesucks.com.

Thank you for reading my biography. It's been a pleasure to introduce my life to the people who thinks that they have a "Sucky" life.

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