Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Shampoo!

Another freelance promoter job happened on 12th and 13th December. We were auditioned to be the promoters, boy,were they choosy! But luckily, Ego and I survived the auditions and was hired.

Event : Clear Shampoo's Futsal Challenge.
Location : Pavillion K.L
Date : 12th and 13th December

Working there was fun. Got a few other job offers, bumped into a few familiar faces, had chats with old crushes. And, met some weird people as well. For instance;

Weird #1

Guy : Hi, I just wanted to know, what's your zodiac?
Ego : Erm, Leo?
Guy: Oh, Okay, and yours?
Me : Errrrr, Virgo?
Guy : Oh, Okay, Is this the semi-s or quarters?

*TIBA TIBA CAKAP PASAL BOLA. -________________________-"

Weird #2

Ego and I was on our way, headed towards Chen's newly pimped out car.

I felt a tap on my arm, and was all 'sapa-pulak-pggil-aku-ni,kishi-kat-tepi-ni-haaa', so I turned and found a rather small sized guy, or should I say boy, cause I'm not sure of the age looking up at me....and said....

Boy/Guy : Hi, you nak balik dah ke?
Me : Errr, *cue muka pelik gila here* yea..
Boy/Guy : I mean you nak balik terus ke?
Me : Errrrr, yea..I guess so...Kenapa eh?
Boy/Guy : Oh, takde, I dtg sorg, I igt kalau u tak balik lg, I nak ajak you tengok wayang...
Me : Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Dah nak balik dah, thanks anyway. *smiles and walks away, tahan gelak*


Two occurences that I can remember for now, as for the rest, I'll upload as soon as I recall. With pictures, too!


eyena J. said...

wow.. situation weird #2 is totally too weird. hahaha. =D

hnnh said...

tulaa pasal. mmg smpi today tak berhenti gelak. hahaha

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Good post.