Thursday, March 4, 2010


I can't shake this feeling I have.

I'm going to be alien to him, them, you.

I miss those days where all I have to worry about is how baggy my pants are, and how cool I speak.

I miss those days when I thought yo-yos was the must have item, and handball was the ultimate sport.

I miss those days when I can only speak one kind. No drama, no relationships, no crisis.

I miss those days where I used to jog over to 'Padang D' to play on the monkey bars, and show off those new skills I learned before.

I miss those days when I wore track pants and sweat pants everyday.

I miss those days when my idea of shopping was going down to the bookstore and buying new toys that I can throw away the day after.

I miss my childhood, I miss my pre-puberty ages.


Bethany Rae said...

I feel you, completely. I miss the days when I didn't really have a conscious thought. Everything was minute by minute and nothing really mattered. Now everything feels like Lost in Translation on loop.
Hang in there, you're not alone.

roslyna said...

imma feelin ya.

msx said...

Nicely put =)

Gabby said...

Is puberty Is very stressfull