Sunday, June 22, 2008


every day is a new day, i heard some one say, but it keeps on
occuring to me that it is not.

i am living a shadow of someone else's life.

someone very close to me, someone i used to trust.

i woke up today with the sound of someone rudely setting up my

i slept at 4 last night to drown all my fears away,
but today, it came to me like a hurricane.

everything i feared for, came true.

i will act happy when really, i am everything but.

when i keep it to myself, i get hurt,
when i let it go, i get hurt.

no matter what i do, it's a lose-lose situation.

i am merely a person with no feelings and objections.

i got pissed, and hit her. ONCE. on her hand.
and she ratted me out.
she bribed me for things she found out when she ransacked through
my notebook.
things she shouldn't even know.

it was after all, my notebook, with my password, my privacy,
my sacred hideout that i confide in.

all is at lost now.
i have surrendered my soul to my sister,
the day i hit her.



Iva M. said...

u hit her?

zahirah ardy said...

dood, u know what? seriously, u should start saying everything straight to her face. not that i'm trying to spark some fire or what, but she's too spoilt if u ask me. if i was in your shoes, i'd sacrifice all those secrets and let it be zero/zero btwn us. besides, what's the big deal of hitting on the hand. God, my sis did silat on me twice... or maybe 3x... i don't know, i couldn't get them into numbers :P it's time for u to get over her. give her a silent treatment and that'll do good, but don't do the same thing she did to u or u'll be just like her :P u can do it!!! u have my support on this!