Wednesday, June 25, 2008


.a text came in.

her smile faded.

her tears dropped.

her hands trembled.

as she drove through the traffic, shifting gears.
she cursed under her breath.

someone promised her.
but the promise was then broken.

what is promises exactly?
promises made her lose faith.

she wove through the traffic.
sung out loud to the tunes.

Breathe In Today. Flyleaf.

*distant sound - you try, your hardest. to perfect your explanation. YOU LIE.

it was dark. and windy.
and rain started to fall.

she drove the car at mighty speed.
no thoughts what so ever on how slippery the road is.

more tears shedded.
she stopped the car to a halt.

she was home.

she cried.

she screamed.

she fell.


anything. anything to make her forget.

promises once was told,
it will haunt for long years of old.

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zahirah ardy said...

dood, y is ur sis using ur number?