Monday, August 18, 2008


Kembali ke realiti. T_T

I just got back from my Johor-Singapore-Johor trip. Tiring, but sure as hell fun.
I bought a few hot-diggity-cool (omg, i am so lame) tshirts, and loads of candy. :D

Went to my first-cousin's wedding, and my aunt asked me this very stupid question.
"when is your turn?"
Adoi. Aku 20 pun belum. Sijil pun takde. Nak kawen dah? -_____-"
When I was at the wedding, it made me think of my own wedding.
I want it to be in front of my house. With 5 canopies. Baru meriah kan, saudara sume datang. :D
But the one thing I can't imagine is, me, sitting on the pelamin. Adoi.
Gila malu. Hahaha. Mane tau jalan-jalan dengan heels, jatuh tersembam. Wakakakaka

But still,
it made me forget I have college stuff, problems of my own, and the fact I still had some stuff that hasn't been sought over with Yen.

I know it's been two weeks since I last saw him, but the first week was hard. I missed him so much.
Come the second week, I was okay. I realized that I wasn't missing him. At all. Imagine. For some people who knows me, that would be the IMPOSSIBLE.

But it's the truth.
He made me feel like I don't have to miss him.
Like I am not in a relationship.
Like no one cares for me anymore.

But when I get home, everything changed. I cry, cry and cry.
Realising the fact that he treats me like shit nowadays.
He doesn't even say I Love You back.

Is this for real?
Is he getting tired of me.


ok, aku makin pathetic.
serabutkan kepala dgn masalah cinta, pikirkan pasak kawin.
sangat bodoh.
Hannah, bangun la.