Thursday, February 25, 2010


This post is totally unrelated to me. This is what my friend in College has been telling me about, and it somehow stuck me and inspired me to write this.

I've always thought that people should not judge other people just by the way they carry themselves, but these previous weeks, it made me realize that I have been witnessing these judgments right in front of me. Why didn't I notice it earlier? Why should I even bother?

Maybe I shouldn't be bothered, maybe I shouldn't give shit. But I do, it disturbs me so much, that it puts so many possibilities on my plate. Come on, just because someone is not pretty enough, not smart enough and doesn't have a winning smile and truckload of fancy clothes, doesn't mean they are not worthy of being acknowledged?

Silly, silly me. Maybe I'm too caught up with my workload that I over-think about this, maybe its not such a big deal after all? But just please, after you've said some mean things to me, you won't do what I did right? Cause that's just down right hypocrisy.

I might be overboard when I say this, but I hate the fact that I go to a college that is full of my own race. It's definitely depressing, and in someway or another, I think they're too typical.

Help yourselves and curse me for what I wrote, but I know this is happening anywhere.


One who has been changed said...

Greetings from USA. You make good point on people, as everyone has value to God who loves us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins so who ever repents seeking Him in faith He will change from the inside out and He is no respecter of persons. Find a Bible and read the book of John to start. May God give you wisdom to understand as you read and may you find His will for your life.

Darkd said...

Screw that. You should give a shit, because no one else does. People are too focused on all the superficial things in life.