Monday, February 15, 2010


It's been a while since I blogged. Bla bla bla, busy with class and shit like that.

Just when you think things would go easy, you suddenly wake up and find yourself to be on a roller-coaster ride.

That's how I feel lately. Okay, I'm not going to be all emo here and now. I've written a few more fictions posts, but I can't find the scraps of paper that I've written it on, Lame, I know. I'll try and upload soon, promise. (I'm saying this as if I have tons of readers, Ha. Ha.)

Sayang ;
Just know what my day won't start the way I want it to if I don't get to stare in your eyes. :)
I love you like crazy.

Oh, this 28th will be my 1st anniversary with Boyot. :) Am loving every moment with him, though there are some annoying moments, but I'd want nothing more. Yes people, I am in LUUUURRRVVEEEE. *hihihihihiihihhi

@ngELsZzZz ;
You guys are my everything, man. My tears, my laughter, and my crime partners. Though we have our Bimbo moments, I still love you guys to the core. :)

Will update when I have something REAL to post.


Sandy McCutcheon said...

I totally agree with the sentence on your profile!!

hnnh said...

thanks! I love that phrase so much!