Friday, June 18, 2010


back again, with a loaded mind.

okay, first things first,
results didn't really sucked, i was just being dramatic. *long pause* i know, i can't help it.

my dad was admitted in the hospital, due to high blood pressure. this was during my finals. imagine what was i thinking then. thus explains the dramatic results. i was literally crying on my notes. like my notes had these huge blue splotches, your girl here is a softie. boo-hoo, too bad.

moving on,
had the best ever night out with my girlies and their boyfies. painted the town red. uncle chilli's, chulo's @ jaya one, and a drive through KL scenic club routes. haha.

err, today,
when i was out with the boyfie, his ex called, gave me a shudder, and i kept quiet the whole outing, obviously my mind was working on frictions to get to something, i dont know what, solution, explanation, but i was just scrambling through my mind for something. is that normal, okay, its not. call me crazy, i don't care. seriously, i had crazy eyes.

thats the recent happenings in my life (ones that i manage to remember)
my life is sad.
depressingly sad.

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