Friday, July 8, 2011

Pros and Cons

Some of my pros and cons. Go ahead, you be the judge, that's if you wanna be shallow. :)


  • I’m not the prettiest/hottest/sexiest girl you’ll ever meet
  • I cannot beat you at video games
  • I will not automatically know all of your music (unless we have the same exact taste, which is unlikely)
  • I’m a little bit pudgy, yes, I am.
  • I will not continually take your shit. If you treat me poorly, I will either let the relationship fizzle or I will cut you off, or I'll most likely treat you the same way.
  • Get ready for it: If you are rude to me, I will most likely cry. Not because I’m sad, but because I’m angry as fuck.
  • I am not an exercise goddess. Step off with your work out shit.
  • I need reassurance sometimes that you actually give a shit
  • I'm insecure, well, I am a girl.
  • I am not that girly


  • I will support you no mater what you go through, or what you choose to do. No discrimination
  • I’m kind, well, generally
  • I’m a little pudgy, BUT! that means I’ve got curves. And boobs. And ass. ;)
  • I am independent. I can handle myself, I don’t need to be coddled, except when I'm really upset.
  • You will never have to wonder how I feel about you, because when I say something, I mean it
  • I need my ladies’ nights as much as you need your boys’ nights
  • I can take care of you, I'll cook if I have to. I'll bring meds if you're sick, I'll stay with you until you sleep
  • I can learn about your music and how to play your video games and I will learn more about your interest, and talk to you about it.

So. That’s me, really. Put up or shut up, I don’t have time to play games anymore.

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