Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AbraCadabra, Vanish!

I had this realisation last night. Where I was talking to a guy I am dating, and I found myself talking honestly and very bluntly. And all he did was kept quiet, I had a sudden thought of; maybe all my past relationships didn't work because I have no filter to what I say.

All these time I thought I've been dating jerks, but in reality, it could be me. The cause of all failures could be me - the girl who doesn't know how to filter her thoughts and watch what she says.

I am sorry, for all the wrongs I've done, and all the things I've said.

I truly am.

This is exactly why I want to disappear a long time ago.
This is exactly why I don't think I'm going to end up happy.
This is exactly why I'd rather keep my thoughts and emotions to myself.

I've got to learn how to let things go along its own course.
I've got to shut up.

Maybe I've got to just ....... vanish.