Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bullshit, this is.

I hate it when people tell me that it's weird that I'm dating somebody.


Am I too fucked up to date now?
Is it wrong for me to go out with a guy that I actually like talking to, even though you know who that guy is?
Do I have to go out with guys that does not cross paths with my circle of friends and family?

Fuck this shit.

I have done so many things for so many people, but in the end, it's about their happiness, not mine. "I want my happiness, too." Don't you think that's exactly what I'm looking for?

Yes, I know, I said I didn't want a committed relationship just yet, but is it wrong for me to go out and enjoy a person's company? What more a person that I can talk to, intellectually, stupidly, jokingly?

A person who knows how to make me laugh, pissed and touched at the same time?

Fuck other people and their feelings/opinions/thoughts about me dating.
I live for myself, not for anybody else.

Fuck you and "you're complicated/confused" bullshit.
I know how to live my life just as much as you do.

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