Friday, October 24, 2008

Hannah : A Soul Not Worth of Love.

  • How do you feel when somebody forbids you to do something, but that certain somebody does it?

Well, let me tell you. It feels like crap.

  • How do you feel when you know that a certain somebody went out with someone else, and wishes things that you can't even think of?

Let me tell you again, it feels like shite.

  • Now, how do you feel when you have no one to depend on anymore?

Again, crap.

  • Next, how do you feel when the one you trust the most finally made you lost the trust? And blames YOU for it?


  • Oh Hey, how do you feel when you've just been lied straight to your face?


  • And last, how do you feel when you know that you;ve been used for entertainment purposes?

Thank you, you've officially read the story of my life.


echa said...

u tau kan,
u can always count on me

mr_penyu said...

rilex aa... semua org ada prob masing2 bila couple.. hati panas, jiwa kusam, hati parah, jiwa merana.. aq nak nyanyi lagu p ramlee pun utk ko bukan bleh dgr pun.. apapun ada nikmat couple tu disebalik semua benda bodoh tu.. apa pun aq rindu korang.. :)

Ryfo said...

chill this is life kan huhu ada up's and dow's.move forward look at the brightside :)