Monday, October 20, 2008

Presentation in 10

Group Work:

  1. Entrepreneurship (Business Plan - Ice Cream)
  2. Event Management (Event Proposal - Annual Dinner)
  3. Multimedia & Production (Website Design Proposal - Faculty of Communication and Media Studies)
  4. Communication Research (Impact of Advertisements on Housewives)
  5. Audio & Visual Production (Short Film Premiere - Chopsticks)
  6. Marketing (Marketing Plan - Papaya Soap)

Individual Work:

  1. Multimedia & Production (Banner Design for Internet)
  2. Communication Research (Proposal for Research - Internet Bullying)
  3. Audio & Visual Production (Radio and TV Script, NewsCasting)

Oh, how I wish I won't fail any of these assignments..

In 10 minutes time, my multimedia website project will be presented in front of the whole class. and our project is currently having some problems. It has a mind of its own. Damn. We have been pinalised for being late on our presentation, but we managed to get a later presentation, eventhough our marks had alredy been deducted for our mishap.

Geez. I'll let you know the results soon.

This multimedia lecturer is the shiznit. Dia suka marah-marah, caci, maki hamun kitorang. Macam kitorang ni worthless. I hope our website sempat siap in time.


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mr_penyu said...

ko x yah nak explain pasal presentation dah hancus... da... skrg harap kat final je woi... huaaaaaaa!!!!