Friday, October 24, 2008

Faceboook : A "No Getaway" Portal.

Okay, I have a confession to make. For these past few days, I've been hating on probably everybody. I mean it. I have no idea why, but it just occured to me that pretty much, everybody is annoying, in their own way. I know I should be grateful for the friends I have, but how can I be close to them if what they do is talk about themselves all the time?

I know I should stop here.

Moving on, I miss my Raja Shafril Izreen more than ever this week. It has been a rough week, and I admit, I've been harsh on him as well. Its just that I need him to be with me, this week is critical, wwith all my assignments all gone down to the drain, my group has the ego of a lion. I needed somebody to talk to.

But...there was nobody there for me.

Well, I lived through the week, at least. Now, I still am living with the fact that both my parents have FB accounts! My not-so-normal growing up life is definitely going to be freaky from now on. -____-"

Dah tak tahu nak tulis apa. so, before I get crappier, let's just stop.
I'll write again when I know what to write.



mutalib saifuddin said...

about the "gender inequality", you should "we need to talk". just like "someone" did yesterday (friday).

things will never settle down if they maintain themselves being an ego.

zahirah ardy said...

hahahaaaa, guess what, my dad has been on facebook for ages!! n yeah... my sister's lecturers... ha, no kidding, n no surprise either. world is changing. G L O B A L I S A S I. HAHAHHAHAHAH!

when there's nobody to talk to... u talk to blogger. lol. i mean... that's what i do sumtimes. u know very well others read your blog ;)