Thursday, December 18, 2008

Private Colleges, No?

Okay, luckily I don't want to go to Aussie in the near future. I'm planning to go to a local college instead, and I'd already obtained the green light from my parents. So, probably I'm going to either KDU or Taylor's School Of Communication. I'm rooting for Taylor's, it's near my house, and I'd have a new surrounding. New people, new friends, new information to learn. Communication and Media Management is what I chose to pursue for my degree. The college is also affiliated with University of South Australia (UniSA), so, that'll be an advantage since the certificate will be from the Uni itself.

My results sucks again, this semester. I'm just relieved to know that I don't have to repeat my Multimedia subject. Thanks to Miss Mayudia, even though I still have welled up anger towards her. :)

That is why I wrote about Taylor's and KDU, because my results sucked.

God. I suck. T_T


Awin Roslin said...

alaaaaa kata uitm dihatiku. krkrkr

Aku said...

uitm kan best
kawan pon ramai

echa said...

sbr la ye syg..
at least u jd kwn i lme ckit hehehe
ad lg 1 sem kn, try ur best k..