Sunday, July 26, 2009

At loss for words.

Currently am using the father's laptop, since brother is using mine. Feel like writing, but there are no sane words that are forming in my brain. UiTM is closed for a week, due to H1N1 situation, and I heard rumors that our Aidilfitri holidays will only be for 4 days. Blagh. Told you this is going to suck.

It's only Sunday and I've run out of things to do. Probably I should slot in some jogging time here.
The boyfriend is not going to be around for another 3 weeks. Boo-hoo. My friends are scattered, some are grounded, and some are busy. I am left alone. Again, boo-hoo.

Classes has been hectic and boring, but it was fun in the sense of I get to hang out with my friends, lepak at countless mamaks. And have bottomless refills of Teh-O-Ais. But I miss Melaka more, though. Shah Alam is a bore. And when I start to think that, Subang Jaya also puts me off.

I have no idea where I like anymore. Or maybe Subang would be more fun if I had Sharawy. :(
I'd love for him to be here right now.

God, I'm starting to crap. Taa.

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echa said...

rndu mlake juge..