Friday, July 3, 2009


So, here I am,
Sitting in this enormous green field,
The stars as my companion,
The moon as my chaperon.

Fearful thoughts of people leaving,
Intimate memories that kept me believing.

The dark sky lights stars that makes me shiver,
The tears that I've been holding in is making me quiver.

A figure appeared behind the dark shady trees,
Treading the shallow puddle of waters beneath it.
A smile was visible.

The figure seem to hold out its hands,
She lifted her eyebrows in surprise.
Without knowing who it was,
She ran towards the figures,
Tears dropped as she ran.

Through her mind,
Her thoughts cleared up.

She hugged the mysterious man,
and said "I Love You, Dad."
"Thanks for being here for me when I needed you the most."

Wrote this on Father's Day.
I Love You, Abah.
Thanks for all the support, I'll try to be the best daughter I can.

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