Thursday, July 16, 2009

Part 1.

If you think this is worth continuing, let me know. I'll try to extend this. :)
It's totally fiction, and I'm new at this.

As she stared into the gray slab in front of her, her knees dropped, hot tears came flooding her blushing cheeks. Her fondest memories flew passed her eyes, making her moan even louder. She could not stand the thoughts, but there was no way of stopping it. She cried, until there was nothing to cry about. Her dreams died when he died, she thought to herself. She lets out a helpless sigh.

She remembered the first time they met, smoky room, loud rock music in the air. His eyes met hers, instant goose bumps. Right there, she knew he was the one to be with. He smiled, she melted. No conversation was needed; it's the chemistry that they felt. No goodbyes were bid, but both of them knew they would meet up again, somehow.

She saw flashbacks of herself, going to concerts, emceeing and singing. Then she stopped at a familiar face in the crowd. She beams a smile, and managed to rock out her performance like a born superstar would. His presence meant that she would be able to feel the chemistry she felt 3 weeks ago. She trotted down the stairs, and waited for him to catch her eyes. She waited for a solid 7 minutes, but he didn’t even look her way, disappointed, she looked away and started to leave the hall. As she was walking out, she felt a tap on her shoulder, one that felt very electrifying, could it be? She thought to herself. She turned around; there he was, with a winning smile that made her knees felt weaker than ever.


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