Thursday, September 22, 2011

Honest to boot

Sometimes I don't know why I bother writing. Some people may find it offensive, and I just come off as an emotional bitch. But hey, I'm only human. I do everything everybody does. I curse, I cry, I get hurt, I give up, I try. Life goes on, whatever I write is basically what goes through my mind. I don't really let out my emotions - really deep emotions, whenever I write. But fuck it, I can write whatever fuck I want. Its just a way for me to express. I'm just being me.

So here goes, after my "Walking Down Memory Lane" post. I had an inkling that Mr Goodlooking read it. And if my guess is right, he tweeted about him being scolded through a blog. Well, any sane people would see that I was just reminiscing whatever that is left of me and him. I don't hold grudges, at least I don't show it. I'd rather keep it to myself. Why would I expose the fragile part of myself and make myself look vulnerable?

Well, he has his freedom of speech, I have mine. I don't want to judge, but I guess he took my post too seriously and read it in a negative connotation, I wouldn't know.

I'm in love with words. I really am, but whenever there's a negative feedback on my writing, I tend to take into account and try and improve. There's no way in hell anybody can make me change the way I write. I've grown to realise the best way to be happy about yourself is when you stop thinking about others.

My oh my, look how am I now.
All grown up. *pukes*

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