Friday, September 23, 2011

Memory Lane, Again.

This was what went through my head last night. I just had the urge to write it all down before I forgot about it.

Mr Good Looking, you meant a lot to me, once upon a time. Well, you still mean a lot.

You were sarcastic, caring, strict, loving, cuddly, good looking and egoistic. I have no idea why we didn’t work out. Probably it was for the best. I miss you sometimes. When I think about the times you would come over to my place all the way from Sepang. Just to share a couple of smokes with me. You would drive all the way to take me out for dinner eventhough you weren’t feeling well just to make sure I ate. You would drop by my office during lunch, just cause I asked you to. You held my hand and kissed it when you drive. Everytime you drove. You missed that once, and you texted me with a sad face, telling me that you didn’t get to kiss my hands.

How can I not fall for you? Tell me. You surprised me with a book from my favourite author! When I went to the loo and came back, there it was, the little blue book and ice cream. You picked me up from work once eventhough you were in KL and I was in Kepong. Quite far of a trip considering the traffic.

We exchanged I love yous.

But I guess something changed your mind. Something in your heart triggered, something in mine too. We parted, but the memories are seared on to my brain, my heart. I won’t forget the nights we spent watching movies, cuddling, having McD takeouts.

I won’t forget you. Not ever.

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