Monday, November 10, 2008

7 things

Since Hamz tagged yours truly to do a piece about myself. Walaupun dah banyak entry pun about moi. :D

Here's seven things that you might not seen coming:

  • Well, I am VERY family oriented. I think.

  • I don't consider myself stylish, but I do keep up with latest fachion trends, though I don't own any flourescent hotpants, but I do have pieces of clothing that normal people don't usually wear and I AM NOT a fashion victim, thankyou.

  • I am NOT snobby. Okay. Sekali pandang, memanglah. Ever heard of the ever so cliche quote "don't judge a book by its cover"? Cuba aplikasikan.

  • I am madly in LOVE with music. Well, that's a bit obvious to people who knows me, kan? :D

  • I abso-freakin-lutely loves writing. AND reading, yes, people, the loud girl you know is actually a very very geeky chick.

  • I used to write a whole bunch of LOVE poems when I was in secondary school. Yes, a bit on the romantic side, I am.

  • I don't give two rat's ass about how I dress, I talk, walk and whatnot. Especially what people say. Well, let's exclude yen in this aright.

  • I drive like a madman when I'm furious. Try me.

  • I swear a whole lot when I'm stressed, but I can be pretty decent, and I mean total change when I'm relaxed.

  • Last, but certainly not the least, I have alot of uban. HAHA. You know, white hairs, signalling that you're getting older by the minute? AND I'm PROUD OF IT! :D

Now, I'll tag

  1. Maysarah
  2. Melissa
  3. Zahirah
  4. Raja Faisal
  5. Samsul Abdul Rahman
  6. Itik
  7. Ariff


zahirah ardy said...

await my answer, baybeh! HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

Awin Roslin said...

I drive like a madman when I'm furious. Try me.

cm betul je. gahahaha.