Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Update

Well, here I am, in the middle of the night, trying my best not to be sappy. But then again, I thought to myself, that would be like asking too much for myself right? Geez. OK, I'll try my best.

Here goes nothing. Today is day 7 of coming down with fever. Well, my fever cleared up a little, OK, who am I kidding? A lot. What's left of it now is just sniffles here and there and of course, the oh-so dreadful sore throat. I finished 2 bottles of cough syrup as it is, but the sore is still torturing me.

Can you believe it, that it's my semester break, and I'm actually coming down sick. Of course I got lucky and escaped the fever pitch during semester. Riiiight. Since my maid's back in Indonesia, us siblings had to do chores. Yes, I'd finally see the day. It seems that I'm a bit of clean-freak. I wash my clothes once in 2 days. Well most teenagers, especially my siblings like to wait for their whole week to end.

I haven't been anywhere. Just mostly at home. How boring. And for a few days, I thought I saw the OLD RSI popping back up again in my life. But my sighting was too good to be true. All of his act disappeared within 3 days, max. I was really starting to enjoy it, but nevermind, I've gotten used to this current RSI anyways.

On a brighter note, my dad, reads my blog now. So, I actually have to keep it READABLE and toss out the curses. Yes Abah, Sorry! Now you know that your daughter actually has a big mouth. *grins* He encouraged me to write more, as he (said to me, allegedly) likes my writing so far, it's just that I need to write something else for the topic, rather that be self-obsessed. I'll put that into mind, and I am sure as heck I'd give it a TRY.

Hey, it's afterall a blog. Hannah's blog. Where mostly my thoughts and my ramblings go posted. And I like it that way. Especially when it's about me. Yes people, I'm getting way over in my head now, I'm going to do you and myself a favor and stop NOW.


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mutalib saifuddin said...

i agree with your abah. you DO have a flair in writing. i think creative writing is a way to go...perhaps??