Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday. As I was tearing down posters on my wall, I realized something. The action of it all actually reflects our real life, yes, you might think I’m crazy, but hear (or read, since this IS a blog) this.

When we have been hurt by something or someone’s doing, we tend to keep it inside, all swelled up. But when the time comes to erase the pain away, it’ll still leave scars, just like the poster-tape that made a mark on the wall, chipping off the paint, revealing an ugly scar on a once smooth wall.

When you try to put it back, it won’t be the same. The posters will just hang off its edge, ready to fall, again, revealing very hurtful scars. The only way to ever heal this is to (I think) tear off the whole poster and paint your room in a brand new color. It might take a long time, but it also actually reflects the whole healing process.

Creating a new life, forgetting the old, even though revamping your room is time and money consuming, painting a new color will definitely cover the scars, and that signifies (in my thoughts) that even our past life, which had been a nightmare, takes time, courage and hard work to heal.

But from what I can see, covering up your wall with new paint means you’re just covering your past as well. The scars, the memories, and it’s just you, burying your hurtful past in the back of your mind, never intend to bring it up again. But, as the paint fades, the scars reveal themselves.

Just like the old memories. Everything will eventually show up again, any time of your life. And my thought to this is, the only way for you to move on from something is to accept it, and learn to live on it, taking it as a lesson and make it a guide.

Now, does all this make sense to you?

There, that’s how MY mind works.

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