Friday, February 13, 2009

200 ain't worth it

Here's the confirmed lineup for Sunburst 2009.
There are other international artists to be confirmed: Coldplay, etc.

How depressing is this year's sunburst man.
I'd rather pay RM30 to watch local bands at the MCPA.
They play there frequently jugak.

But They Will Kill Us All, Otherside Orchestra, Butterfingers and Twilight Action Girl made me smile. :)

Serious feckin shit, RM200 is NOT worth it.


aku said...

coldplay maen kt singapore bln march ni.
jom pegi

zahirah ardy said...

gahh~ butterfingers n hujan ady lost their touch ehhh (just listen to 1000 tahun album) aku masih menunggu diorg punya real comeback :P plus i'll most probably be in Kelantan at that time, so... Sunburst memang tak dapat pegi~ mwuu~ tapi tgk line-up dia, mcm x la frustrated sgt hoo