Friday, February 27, 2009


Yes, this week has been CRAZY.

Let me state some things that I've done that will get you laughing, but before that, I would like to remind you that my mind wasn't sane at the time being, so the actions are pretty much stupid.

  • I drove a the beloved black waja through a MOTORCYLE LANE at the federal highway!Then, my sister, my friends and I pleaded the police officers no to fine us. Yela, 1st time aku buat benda jahat secara TAK SENGAJA. (aku tak tahu tu lane motor, tak nampak signboard, and my friend buat lawak bodoh, and said, if kau bernai masuk la lane tu, with no further thinking, aku masuk je, dah masuk baru tau, gelabah keluar dari lane tu)
  • Time tu jugak la ada 3 ketul police baru balik kerja kan. Haih. Dia suruh bagi each RM10, tapi kitaorang tak bagi. Then dia suruh lari kat tepi federal tu, tapi kitaorang tak buat jugak. Then dia bagi lepas camtu je. Ahahahaha! Merayu doh! Selamat 4 gadis comel *pukes* ada dalam kereta. Ahahaha!
  • If that wasn't stupid enough, later that evening I was in Mid Valley, we were about to go home to our Condo, I went into the passenger seat, point in case, I was the DRIVER! If that doesn't show my absent-minded self, I don't know what would. I was definitely out of my body.
  • We went swimming when it was raining. Baik mandi hujan je kan. Keluar pool dah batuk-batuk.
  • I excused myself from a meeting with SKVE Holdings Manager. (slumber aku je kan, cam company bapak aku plak)
  • I said alot of things that doesn't make sense. Speech-impediment. Ayat aku berterabur, dah tunggang terbalik. Ada ke nangis tersedak-sedak? Ahahahahaha.
  • Oh, and I've stuck between elevator doors dah 4 kali just this week. Now I'm afraid of it.
  • I asked for a breakup when I was driving. Yes, I didn't think of the consequences, me, in a car, raining outside, if the reply was devastating, I would have been in an accident, but, he chose not to reply, and I am fine now.
So, yeah, I've had alot on my mind lately. My friends would know. They've been laughing at me this whole week.

One more thing, I've found myself an overgrown baby! :D
Thanks to Hazizi & Aya.

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zahirah ardy said...

haaa, if that's what you prefer and think is best for you, then, i'll always be supporting from behind. text me kalau ada apa2, k dude. lama x jmpa kau :P