Tuesday, June 30, 2009

like glue.

would it be awesome if we had like a gadget that can erase painful memories? I'd have it in my bag all the time. anytime you feel hurt by your memories, bzzt. it goes away. every time you saw someone that takes you back to old, hurtful memories, bzzt, it goes away.

okay, I'm bullshitting.

how come it looks so easy when other people do it?
why is this trail of thoughts following me everywhere?
the best distraction for me, used to be my job in promod.
but until recently, even the job can't distract me from feeling gloomy.

now, i found a better solutions to my problems and thoughts.
having day outs with kishi, may, mel and the others.
they seriously make me forget all my fears, my thoughts and my pain.

sometimes you can only wonder how people get by after you've been shot.
now, i've found my answer. my girls who never fails to make me laugh.

i love them like no other.
even more than my boyfriend. well, duh. :)

i am just glad I've found my tears and laughter friends.


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