Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Puas Hati?

Okay, I am questioning what exactly satisfaction is. (can I?)
Where exactly do you get satisfaction from?
What exactly satisfies you?

From the things you do, or from the things you are rewarded or the consequences after all those things you have done?

Real satisfaction is what I want. What I am looking for.

Does satisfaction come from people? From things?
From achievements? Is it a type of reward?

Do you really get satisfied by spending the whole day with your sweetheart a day before he/she is going oversea to further their studies?
Do you really get satisfied when you find out that your GPA is an astounding 4 flat and your parents really don’t care?

Is satisfaction the type of reward that everyone need?
Is satisfaction really all that?

I know I am full of questions, but I am intrigued by what satisfactory is.

Is this called satisfaction, when –
1. After a fight with your sweetheart, you kiss and makeup.
2. After all the hard work, you finally get recognized for what you do.
3. After having a blast performing on stage, the crowd cheers for more.

The feeling that you get. Where your blood rushes up to your head you suddenly feel like you’re on top of the world?

That great feeling, where you can’t help but to want for more? Is that it?

So, is it just a feeling that people get?

Is satisfaction the same as a reward?
A reward, mentally? Physically? Emotionally?
A type of reward that you can’t actually see?

Is satisfaction ever enough? I know it’s not for me, I always strive for more.

To me, satisfaction is a part of greediness. You’ll never settle for a bit.

What satisfies you the most?
- Having a great day?
- Listening to good music?
- Eating a scrumptious meal?
- Spending your own paycheck on the stuff that you always wanted?
- The day when you finally get over your old flame?

The world is in for a never-ending satisfaction hunt.
So am I, let’s join in.

To sum it up, after writing all of this down, my OWN conclusion is;

Satisfaction is a part of greediness, a feeling of greatness, is addictive, and very dangerous, since it drives people to do more and get more satisfaction, even by all means to step on other people’s head and stabbing other people’s backs. It is also considered as one of the best motivational skills. And to me, it is also a type of reward, a type of reward that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Unseen but meaningful. BUT, if I mixed up satisfaction with another feeling/thing, I guess I’m confused. Hah.

And after you get satisfied, what happens?

Satisfaction is never enough. Enough said.

But I wonder, does this really answer my question. Does it really?

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