Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Heart,

It's easier if people just close their eyes & never expect.
I know, impossible.

Dear Heart,

Where have you been lately?
Right here, buried by your emotions.

Why are you so fragile lately?
Because I think you're not being fair to Brain and Conscious, they have a say in your life, too.

I see that you've been strong through all this.
Yes, I have, you just don't know how much pain I'm going to be into if I let you continue.

Teach me to love sincerely, would you?
Of course, to love someone is when you know you are content with yourself, but, it is of course, easier said than done, you just need time, H.

Teach Brain to think wisely, can you?
Sure, anything to make you and I impervious to emotional nonsense.

Heart, can you tell me whether I am doing the right thing?
No, H. I can't that is something that only Conscious and Brain knows. I only take care of how you feel, and how to feel.

Heart, continue being strong for me, will you?
Most definitely, H. Anything for you.

Thank you, dear Heart.


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