Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, Raya was okay-ish. Was soooo excited to meet Kambing, but in the end, we had a fight and he came by my aunt's house and dropped off the stuffs, and that was it. Sighhh. But, it was good seeing him again.

Thanks again for Starfish, Purple dinasour and the Dark Blue Slim. :)

Things with B have been GOOD! I'm loving every minute of it, and I have to spend every free minute I have with Boyot, too, since B is off to work for 3 months starting 1st October. Boohoo.

Sigh. No muse. No words coming out. Though when I was back in JB, I had tonnes of ideas, my bad for not putting it down on paper, or save it in my phone.

Oyeah, 18th October is my Convocation. Sunflowers and teddy bears please. :D

And, and, and, Who's coming with me to Perhentian/Singapore soon? Let's make this a fun-filled trip! *I sound like a bad jingle, don't I?*

More updates, when I feel like it.Taa

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