Saturday, April 24, 2010


I know very well the fact that shit happens,

but why does it always happen to me, and always at the wrong time?

Tomorrow is my first final paper for my finals, why am I so glum and on the verge of crying?

Tell yourself you're okay Hannah, and you will be.

That's just bullshit.


W.C.Camp said...

I tell my own kid when it comes to college - just get through it. If you have trouble in a course that's GREAT. Your job is to find out what you are Good at and what you don't like doing. Who wants to work the rest of your life doing something that frustrates you and stresses you? So DO YOUR BEST, but in the end, move on regardless of the outcome. It will not matter in just a few months anyway! W.C.C.

andres said...

Danielle Marie said...

Good luck! I have finals next week :/

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