Saturday, April 24, 2010


The distance made me realize that I can't bear waiting anymore.

I've done that for the past two years, and the consequences is catching up on me.

It's tough when you have to wait by your mobile for a person's text, but the texts never show, and you're the one who has to initiate the first move, and inquire. I'm tired of being the one with the effort. I know when you're on a job its hard for you to make time for me, but a simple "I love you" would be sufficient for me. I just need some sort of confirmation of your being. Safe or not.

Oh well. Fuck this shit. I can't stand being emo anymore. I'm fucking out of here.

You know where to find me. And if you do decide to find me, it better be a hell of a good reason why you've been silent. Thanks.

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