Thursday, June 16, 2011

Did you know?

That I've worked here for almost a month now.

That I've been throwing myself into work so much, I rarely have time to read and write?

That I'm pulling my hair out just to get ideas for ad campaigns?

That I don't know if I'm contempt with how I am now?

That I'm actually thinking of going to Miami Ad School to further my Masters Degree? Only after a month working in an agency?

That I can't afford Miami Ad School?

That I'm a sissy when it comes to handling my emotions?

That I crash on my bed as soon as I get home?

That I work like the energizer bunny if I'm at work?

That I've no idea how to relax anymore?



junee said...

hannah, junee here, i add u kat blogspot roll i if u don't mind :)
and hey, at least u r working... i stil tgh dok rumah, melangok je keje. p.s. i want to sambung masters kat miama ad school too ;) u ade mintak sticker book? they send it to u, it's so cool haha

msx said...

sometimes we fail to recognize and neglect the most important thing for our well being...sanity. it's not just you, we all do it. take a break if you can or you may have a break down. Those are not any fun..