Monday, June 20, 2011


Another fucking manic Monday.

Was late to work, drove quite fast, weaved through traffic like a mad man. Upon reaching to the office, I was told to quit my job. By someone I kind of expected, but it hurt me still. Though I'm not doing okay, emotionally and mentally, I'm enjoying my job, well, at least trying to. It cut me deep. I've officially graduated with an Honours Degree, and I just worked here for one month, and that said person asked me to "find another job". Mainly because I had to get to work on time, and I get home late.

It is the advertising industry after all, I am in the creative team, after all. We are dedicated robots to the visuals, copy and PC related bullshit. You can't expect me to just up and leave when I finally have a sense of responsibility in my life.

I am trying so hard to make you proud, but there you are, talking to me like this job doesn't even matter to me. Mind you, this is my dream job. I am blessed enough to be granted this post, and with this pay, I won't give in to what you want. Not this time.

I'm sorry if my decision to finally be independent and continuing on to do what I love, what I'm passionate for disappoints you. I'm just sorry.

I need to think about me, once and for all. Selfish now, am I? Yeah. I'm tired of bending over backwards to fit your needs. I need this to reassure myself that this is what I've worked for all my life.

You were happy I got a distinction for my Intern right? I'm asking you to be proud of me this time. I don't want to work like her, under your supervision, under the watchful eye of almost everybody I grew up with. I'm earning enough. I'm contempt enough, so why can't you be contempt for me?

Once, just once, I need your support.

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