Monday, June 6, 2011

in that instant, she became infinite with who she is.

she stepped into the icy cold room, with her head held high, and sat down with confidence. she never felt at peace as how she felt then. her work described who she is, how she acted, defined her very being.

being at her cubicle clarified a lot of things for her, the new company she makes, the endless firsts that she endured.

but when her work time is over, she is dead. she kept to herself. she locked herself if her room. she didn't eat. she didn't have anything to drink. she knew she has depression, but nothing can really cure her from that. she looked forward to working everyday. on the weekends, she's rarely at home. she goes out, she parties, she gossiped, she talked, she ate. none of that which she did at home.

home is where the heart is, so they say, and she found that to be true enough for her understanding. she didn't grasp the concept of making her house a home for her. for her insecurities, her emotions, her feelings, a sanctum for her true self.

her house was a two bedroom apartment in the bustling city of Damansara. but she didn't find that as a luxury for her. she always comes back to an empty house, a silent night, to the creaking noises the door made, the sound of honking cars outside her window.

she never had the chance to make it her home. she didn't want to, not since the last time she tried.

you see, Mandy used to be jovial, fun, bubbly, everything positive, you could say. but one thing robbed her personality away.

that one night where she was awaken by the sound of footsteps in her old apartment in Cheras. she was living with her bestfriend back then, so she just thought it was her bestfriend's boyfriend sneaking in, so she ignored it. but then she remembered that her bestfriend is in Jakarta for the week, she got up to see who it was, and saw Jason, Penny's boyrfriend, drunk and walking into the bathroom. little did she know, Jason had planned this very night.

Jason knocked on Mandy's door, and not suspecting anything unusual, she called out that the door was unlocked, so Jason crept in, being influenced, he dragged his footsteps. Mandy thought Jason wanted to talk to her, but boy she was wrong.


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