Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lets runaway to the place, where love first found us.
Runaway, Bruno Mars.

Okay. After all the whining and nagging, I'm single. Yes, I am.

A couple of my friends say that we'll get back together someday. But yeah, he's changing, and somehow, its disturbing. I mean, we're still friends, but then, he wants me to text him everyday, and be close to him and all. What's the point of breaking up? But yeah, I think I've hurt him enough, so I'll just go with this. Maybe one day he'll get the point, or maybe it will be the other way around.

Currently, I am so negative that I suck the fun out of everything I do, my job is supposed to be my dream job, but yeah, I found a way to ruin that, too. sigh. I have no idea why do I have to be such an ass about everything. Maybe I just need time for myself and leave for a couple of days. Just pack up and leave.

I am tired. So tired. I want to be numb for a while. I don't expect much from people nowadays, I just think about myself, sounds selfish, but I think I'm tired of putting other people ahead of myself all these while.

I just want to sleep. I just want my dreams. I just need to runaway.

I need time. For me. Time for me.

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rocks for brains said...

You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. These times in life are hard but somehow we make it through them. Hang in there.