Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Dinosaur, I miss you.

These past few days have been ... moody? I snap at people easy, I get lost in my own thoughts and end up staring into space, when in reality, people around me are conversing and laughing. I'm such a fun-sucker. I think my wives know what I'm going through. I feel suffocated, like I'm trapped. But I can't exactly explain why and how do I feel that way.

On a brighter note, Bruno Mars is coming, April 10th, so they say. I want, okay cross that, I NEED to go. I want to sing out loud, bawl my eyes out and have fun with my wives, IF they go. Sigh. I need more time away from the office, the family, the ex.

Can't wait for next tuesday, a whole week of sleeping till noon, and sleep late. :) or maybe I can go for dates or stuff like that. I've been wanting to watch a romantic comedy, but there's none at the cinemas. My luck, huh?

I told the wives that I want to look sexy, not clothes-wise, probably physically. (Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen) My cheeks, urghhhh, my cheeeekssssss. Okay, I'm crapping now. There's nothing to do at the office, and the weather is superb for naps, and I'm dying. Kthxbye.

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Mr. Typewriter said...

hidup susah mati pun susah huhu