Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I did some research on what to do after my internship program, whether to further my Masters Degree or find work experience. Frankly. I'm tired of studying. I've been in school and college for 16 years. I think its time for me to let my brain rest, and you know, work or something. But the thought of waking up early every morning just to go to the office and stare at a PC all day turns me off. I don't have much time to choose, since if I want to start working immediately, I've to start looking for a job now, and if I want to continue studying, I'd have to send out my applications by now, and if I decide I'm going overseas, I would ought to take my english requirement tests by now. Sigh. I'm so lost.

The best bet I can go for is to relax my mind, body and soul for a couple of months before I start to make any life-changing decision. I'm 23 this year, an adult. But why am I not behaving like one? I WILL take a couple of months to work freelance and go for holidays, it would be beneficial. I think.

...and I'm lost, again.

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