Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have this urge to blog about what happened two nights ago, but I don't think it would be appropriate. Its our little secret, dinosaur and I.

Moving on from that fateful night, it made me think a lot about how I'm living my life now. I think I need to mature, in ways that's so simple, you know, the kind of changes that your parents have been nagging to you about. Sigh.

Its February already. Another 3 months to go for my internship, 58 days of working underpaid, waking up in the mornings, and going out non-stop during the weekends. I hope the trip to Koh Phangan with my lovelies will happen in June/July. I really need to get away.

Come the end of February, we could have been 2 years, our relationship, but too bad, it didn't make it that far. I mean, I need some me-time, and right now, a committed relationship is just not in my options.

I spent one night crying about what happened to me in 2010. I haven't dropped a single tear ever since we had that fight in the car. It was killing me that I can't shed tears, but I forced myself to cry, and I did. I felt an immediate relief after. Its true when they say, sometimes, the tears that you held back is the one that matters the most.

I can go on bragging about what a sucky year/month/week I've had, but I won't, I did too much of that. I'm tired of it. Right now, I just want to have fun with my friends, and pamper myself. Good news is, I have achieved my goal. I'm down to 3 per day now. Huge improvement there. :)

Shit there's nothing to do today. That's why I'm crapping. Fuck. Gotta stop now. Bye.

February, be kind.

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