Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day Four of Week Two.


back again.

it seems tht i have nothing better to do here. i keep on updating my blog eventhough there's not much to be updated about. i am in again, the library, i've been here since last week, and honestly, for two years plus i sutdied in thuis campus, i never really went to the library as frequent as this.

my juniors must think ia m this geeky senior who goes to the library everyday and likes to sleep.
hahaha. but who cares. i intend to prove myself that i can kick ass in all my assignments this year, even if it means i ahve to be a nerd and i have fork out a lot of cash.

i slept at 5 last night. i was summarizeing this 25 page journal. after all the brain squeezing, i finally submitted the assignment, bearing the fact that the assignment i submitted was worth nothing to my finals. it's just to get us pumped up and save the pregnant lady's workto research for the meaning of research.

and lemme tell you, it wasn't easy. i woke up early today to come here. (the library) after having done my assignment, i went for lunch. and came back here again. luckily the internet is not that turtle-slow type. :)

now i'm cramming myself for my presentaiton of types of events later.

i am striving to be back home and sleep till noon.

and i am also trying to lose weight. i look like a balloon now, wey!
tak sexy la! hahaha. and am also improving myself in the realtionship sector, because i have been apologizing for the things that he started, and he said i was stubborn because i can't understand him that much. apada. itulaa. nak sangat bagi commitment. kan dah kena sacrifice banyak benda. nasib baik la aku sayang dia tahap gaban.



mutalib saifuddin said...

yes. forking out money is one thing..until nak mintak "significant one" pun malu at times!

Anonymous said...

hahahah talib talib