Wednesday, July 23, 2008

self-centered for a second

mengapa aku bencikan perubahan?
padahal perbahan is a good thing..

maybe aku tak mampu terima news yang mengejutkan, or attitude yang berlainan. if ade perubahan berlaku depan aku, make it slow and steady, not all of a sudden.

aku langsung tak boleh terima orang yang rapat dengan aku berubah sekelip mata, just like that.
close friends, boyfriend, family members.

it's heartbreaking, really.
they really don't know what i'm going through.

i may sound self-centered right now, but if you could just put yourself in MY shoes for a while, you know what the deal is. all the people i trusted, changed. at the speed of light, i tell you.

and now,

i don't feel like i want to be myself anymore.

i have to change.

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