Monday, July 14, 2008

Week Two

I just got back from my oh-so lovely home last night. I didn't feel like coming back to Lendu, but there's no other way. I am in my PUB351 class again. With a soaring headache after a week of not enough sleep. I spent my weekend going shopping. Like I had thousands in my pocket. I ended up having just enough cash to survive for the week. Oh well, the better for me. Now I don't have to go on a diet.

Assignments are crashing down. I tell you. Loadsss.
It's time that i have to get my ass worked out.
Before i stress out and go blank.

The distance between the boyfriend and I is doing our relationship some good. We got closer in plentiful ways. I finally have a valid reason to saty in UiTM. Besides studying. :)

The lecturer just walked in, i have to start flipping my books now, turrah!

oh, so much assignments,
so little of the need.

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